Sessions designed for designers, art directors, creative directors, as well as editorial, marketing, and publishers.

In this age of seven-second attention spans, good design is more important than ever. This year’s Design Track will focus on practical design knowledge shared by some of the top designers in the industry. From tips on sustaining creativity to an in-depth look at the use of color, this promises to be an informative and motivating couple of days. You will leave not only with a deeper understanding of what makes good design, but practical tools to take your projects from inspiration to reality.

Amy Wenger-Cerra

Creative Director, Discovery House
Our Daily Bread Ministries

Session 1

Design + Marketing = LOVE: Creating Collaborative and Dynamic Relationships that Strengthen your Teams and Products

It’s a common dynamic found in many, if not all organizations; The Marketers don’t feel like the Designers are “getting it” on a given project, and the Designers are frustrated because the Marketers aren’t “giving them what they need” so they can hit the enigmatic target. When this breakdown of communication happens, frustration can build, tempers can flair, and in the end, your projects and relationships suffer. But it can be different.

In this session, you will hear the story of an organization on the move from segmented to collaborative. We will discuss what has worked, what hasn’t, and how our customers (both internal and external) are benefiting from the process. We will also explore simple steps that Designers can take to improve communication and collaboration.

Jade Novak

Managing Art Director,
B&H Publishing Group,
an imprint of LifeWay Resources

Session 2

7 tools to help you steer clear of color catastrophes

Have you ever been shocked by how your image looks online? Disappointed with a dull orange on press? Baffled between PMS, CMYK, RGB, and HEX? Or have you been given paint colors to match in print? Then this color talk is for you! No color experience is required, but we will equip you to communicate about color expectations with designers, printers, programmers, authors, marketers, and even the Sherwin Williams guy. (FYI, the 7 tools—subject to slight modification—are: lingo, psychology, reality, simplicity, equipping, trends, and science.)

Ryan Myers

Creative Director, She Reads
Truth and He Reads Truth

Session 3


As Creative Director of She Reads Truth and He Reads Truth, I oversee the strategy, design, and implementation of the She Reads Truth brand across the web, printed materials, and in the She Reads Truth mobile apps with a team of art directors, designers, developers and contract artists.

Over the course of the first 9 months (3/14-12/14), under the vision of the CEO and Editorial Director, I have worked with a team to produce:

  • An iOS & Android app featuring a full Bible in multiple translations and incorporating community study plans
  • 12 printed Study Packs including two 100+-page perfect-bound books
  • A successful Kickstarter campaign, reaching our goal of $35,000 in less than 24 hours and going on to earn $87,000
  • 2 live streaming events
  • Various merchandise products
  • Daily share images for social media
  • Seasonal Gift guide

The Results

  • Reached Top Chart in App Store
  • Consistently one of the top 50 free apps in the Reference Category in App Store
  • Instragram follower increase of 300%
  • 100% Facebook Page likes
  • 70% increase in Twitter followers
  • Web & Mobile User increase of 750%
  • Sustainable business model
  • Company growth from a team of 5 to a team of 12

2015 Achievements

  • 15 printed study packs
  • a full study book redesign to be fully perfect-bound magazines
  • website redesign
  • launch of a subscription plan
  • development and launch of He Reads Truth

The analytics continue to trend upward with a social platform of nearly 500,000 and users in 20+ countries. Our offline product continues to be a pioneer in the industry.

Tim Green

Senior Art Director,
Faceout Studio

Session 4

SHIFT/OPTION/COMMAND: Keys to Design Success

We’ve all seen inspiring design portfolios from famous designers. But have you seen an inspiring portfolio from a designer who isn’t famous? Okay, let me try this again…a great portfolio is only part of the story. A lot of pain, struggle, failure and caffeine is behind each success. This session presents an unvarnished look at the journey from blank screen to victory lap. From idea to execution. From zero to hero and back to zero…every day since 2002.

Klaus E. Krogh

Partner and CEO,

Session 5

FONTS—the smallest (but most important) unit in Communication Design

This talk will equip you with the necessary knowledge to navigate the uproared sea of endless choices that became your everyday life, as you have chosen to work in the most chaotic (but also most satisfying) industry; publishing. The lecture will include a life jacket of practical instructions and sound advice, but will hardly teach you to calm the sea or walk on the water. Topics include:

  • 5000 years of glyph history in 5 minutes?
  • The creative selection of a typeface for a trade book!
  • What does a Type Foundry anno 2017 do?
  • How to make Bible fonts fly?
  • What never to forget about typography!
Josh Dennis

Executive Vice President
of Creative, Crossway

Session 6


Josh Dennis is the Executive Vice President of Creative at Crossway. Josh studied Business and Art and received his B.A. from Taylor University in 2002. Josh has worked in a variety of creative roles including Production Designer, Designer, Art Director, and Creative Director. He works with an award winning and talented team at Crossway. In his career he has been able to collaborate with a diverse group of talented creatives including, designers, illustrators, film directors, developers and more.

Design Panel

Session 7

Q&A with Design Panel


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Brain Trust Lead

Team Member

Patti Brinks

Art Director, Baker Books Trade Division, 
Baker Publishing Group

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