“Let’s eat, Grandma.” “Let’s eat Grandma.”

As editors, we love words; we appreciate the perfectly worded sentence; we revel in correct punctuation; we desire to fulfill our shared mission of developing an author’s message to impact as many readers as possible…this is what brings us all together. Doing all of this while furthering the Good News of Jesus Christ—that’s what makes our work special and meaningful.

The goal for the Editorial Track of the 2018 ECPA PubU is to equip and encourage you to go deeper in your work. These sessions will feature a blend of theory and application, which makes this a great mix for publishers and editors of every kind: acquiring editors, substantive editors, copy editors, and managing editors. If you find yourself in one of these roles (or perhaps all of them!), or if you are curious to appreciate and learn more about the responsibilities of an editor, then these sessions will be ideal for you.

Let’s further our good work together! 

Rob Eagar

Founder and Marketing Expert, Wildfire Books, Author of Sell Your Book Like Wildfire, RobEagar.com

How Editors and Publishers Can Compete with the Indie Author Revolution

There has never been a better time to be an author. However, with the dominance of Amazon, this may be the most difficult time to be a publisher. Indie writers of any genre and experience level can now self-publish, build a large following, buy advertising, and keep more profits for themselves. How do publishers compete in this new era and attract the best talent? Marketing consultant, Rob Eagar, helps authors and publishers further the reach and sales of their content. His extensive client base of publishers, traditional authors, and indie authors positions him at the forefront of the industry revolution. In this powerful session, Rob will help publishers, acquiring editors, and content/line editors understand why indie publishing is rapidly growing; why indie authors are besting their peers; what publishers can learn from this movement; and the critical role that editors play in the care of an author’s book. The goal of this session is to equip participants with a critical understanding to navigate this complex conversation with agents and authors.

Klaus Krogh

Founder and CEO, 2K/DENMARK

What editors need to know about typography to help publish more reader-friendly books

In this exciting session, Klaus Krogh of 2K//DENMARK will reveal the science behind the reading mind. You will be inspired, intrigued, and leave with a newfound commitment to make letterforms your best friends. Topics discussed will be:

  • What is a letterform and how did it evolve?
  • What neurological research tells us about how we read
  • Why typographical rules and conventions developed through 500 years help making both aesthetic and legible books
  • Why editors need to make letterforms their best friends

Ami McConnell

Writer and NYT bestselling editor

How to Have Tough Conversations with Your Authors

In our work, we play a crucial role with our authors. At times we are their cheerleader and encourager, at times we are their shepherd, at times we are their champion…but the toughest role of all is when being their champion involves having tough conversations. Industry veteran Ami McConnell is familiar with having those tough conversations, and in this essential session she will present by integrating stories of tough conversations she has initiated sharing key principles and learnings from times she did it well, along with times it did not go so well. Editors, publishers, and agents will find this session helpful due to its helpful takeaways and ideas for those future conversations.

Bob DeMoss

Veteran publisher and
NYT bestselling author

Why Haven't I Done That Before? Things Every Editor Can Start Doing to Help Authors Market their Book

Marketing and publicity teams are traditionally tasked with spreading the word about an author's book. But Truly Amazing Editors understand they have a unique role to play to help authors succeed in a crowded marketplace. In this entertaining session, industry veteran Bob DeMoss—who has worked on nearly all sides of the publishing "table"—shares 5 strategic insights you can use to supercharge your authors efforts to be successful in the promotion and marketing of their books.

Brain Trust Lead

Team Member

Melinda Bouma

Zondervan Bibles Group

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