Track leaders: Jenaye Merida (B&H) and Jamie Lapeyrolerie (WaterBrook)

How to Be an Author’s Marketing and Publicity Dream Team

Whether you’re new to the industry or have a few years under your belt, working with authors, agents, and author’s teams is a key part of what we do. While we all hope to have a successful book launch and sell a lot of books, what are some of the common requests, questions, and conflicts that might come up with authors? This panel will equip you with tips, tricks, and advice to be the best marketing and publicity team member for your author and their book.

  • Barb Roose, Literary Agent at Books & Such Literary Management
  • Rachel McMillan, author
  • Heather Adams , founder and CEO of Choice Media Communications
  • Alexander Field, founder of The Bindery literary agency
  • Moderated by Jenaye Merida, marketing and PR specialist at B&H Publishing

How to Reach Non-Majority Cultural Markets

As publishing houses continue to be intentional about publishing BIPOC voices, many marketing teams might have questions on how to reach outside the traditional evangelical Christian space. This session's panelists will bring in expertise and ways to reach non majority cultural markets and equip publishing professionals with the tools to help amplify and promote Christian BIPOC stories and voices.

  • Emmanuel LeGrair, Community Engagement and Development Coordinator at R.H. Boyd Publishing Corporation
  • Zakiya Larry, Chief Strategist/Media Coach, Quest Media Training
  • Terri Hannett, Executive Director, The Church Of God in Christ Publishing House
  • Moderated by Jamie Lapeyrolerie, senior marketing manager at WaterBrook

How Bookstagram Can Sell Books

Bookstagram has become the new blogging platform that many readers, reviewers, and authors engage with. While some of the popular blogs are still around, many top influential reviewers have turned mainly to Instagram. How can publishing teams work with Bookstagramers to help promote their new release? What are some of the best tips for working with Bookstagramers? What are the best ways to reach out? This panel will represent various Bookstagramers who focus on different genres and styles and will leave you with tips on how to make your campaign succeed!

  • Amber O’Neal Johnston, writer and speaker
  • Rachel Dawson, content creator and creative digital lead at Hope Church
  • Mary Weber, bestselling author and consultant with Cherry Pie Author Services
  • Moderated by Jamie Lapeyrolerie, senior marketing manager at WaterBrook

Helping an Author Grow Their Platform

With ever changing social media platforms, new data, and constantly changing marketing trends, how can we best equip our authors to launch, grow, and scale their platform? This session will spotlight some key marketing tactics with platforms and answer questions like: How can you best engage your audience? What can publishing teams do to help authors grow before, during, and after their release? What is the author’s responsibility vs. publisher’s responsibility? This session will highlight: email marketing (strategy) and SMS text marketing; audio book marketing; and TikTok – what to do with new trends and apps.

  • Meredith Brock, Executive Director of Strategy and Business Development, Proverbs 31 Ministries
  • Moderated by Jenaye Merida, marketing and PR specialist at B&H Publishing

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